Fred Pritchard Property buys Newhall

Fred Pritchard, 73, long famed for his regeneration projects in and around Cannock Chase has announced a raft of schemes to promote job creation, retail town centre regeneration and new housing with his Build to Let initiatives in the Cannock, Hednesford, and Bridgtown.

He and his wife Sarah, with their Company, Anglesey Real Estate Ltd will spearhead these exciting regeneration pipeline projects under the banners of Lunar Park (a 40 unit Industrial and Office development at Kingswood Lakeside, Cannock) Newhall (a15 shop/ retail development with 14 apartments over in Cannock Town Centre) together with creating in excess of 40 further apartments on "brownfield sites" adjacent to existing properties already owned in their portfolio in Bridgtown, Cannock and Hednesford.

This will lead to a multi million pound investment in the Cannock Chase area by Fred Pritchard Properties.

These projects will be carried out in fairly rapid succession following the first project of Town Centre regeneration, namely NEWHALL. Newhall has lots of Cannock history located in the heart of Cannock, originally a Victorian cultural meeting hall for the townsfolk of Cannock but more latterly a supermarket and later Dunelm and Rileys Snooker club. Now empty and forlorn but soon to be regenerated by The Fred Pritchard team.  

This project majors on giving High Green in Cannock town centre a "Newlook" for Newhall which has been symbolic of the trend for larger shops fleeing the town centre. It will show that if the heart of Cannock Chase is to survive it must play to its strengths and reinvent itself along with bringing people back into the town to live "working ,resting and playing" as the saying goes to have a town centre of vibrancy and vitality .

NEWHALL will be a multi million pound regeneration project bringing back into the town a variety of niche shopping and quasi associated business uses and a leisure offering. The plans are to bring Cannock its own micropub where specialist brewers beers and continental beers can be sampled with pub food to compliment the Real Ale and specialist beer offing ..this is an original for Cannock !

Along with the shops, business premises and micro pub will be 14 loft type apartments on the first floor providing luxury state of the art living in Cannock Town Centre near to all the shops and facilities in Cannock and bringing heart and soul back.

The facades that have looked drab and uninviting will be transformed into exciting frontages with colourful Victorian shop fronts reminiscent of the times when multiple uses were common in towns with residential, shopping and businesses /leisure activities side by side enabling thriving towns with a Heart and Soul at all times of the day and night.

The front Facade will be of blue glass depicting Cannock Chase artwork reminiscent of another project designed by Fred Pritchard - The Lightworks at another of the Chase towns of Hednesford.

They aim to now repeat this winning formulae with this adventurous project to advance the Regeneration process in Cannock Town complimenting the other retail and business offerings of the district. This will bring back living in towns once more as in the past and create a Multi use alternative to a once grand building.